About Me

I started my online business in 2016.
I quickly fell in love with the entrepreneurship, innovation, and independence the online world enables for so many of us.

professional experience

I work with online service providers and info product businesses. But throughout my career I’ve been fortunate to work with nonprofits and community organizations around the world, for-profit multi-million dollar businesses, and small grassroots movements making a big impact.

I’ve held positions overseeing the operations and finance sectors of million dollar businesses, as well as the outreach and community building initiatives in nonprofits.

I’ve been through the Profit First certification and I’m currently a Systems + Finance coach for a 100-person mastermind full of 6 and 7 figure online business owners.

In addition, I attend Pacific Graduate Institute where I’m pursuing my M.A. in Community, Liberation, and Eco Psychologies.

My experience is vast and growing every day.

Values statement

I began my online business because I wanted flexibility, independence, and self-determination in my work life. I believe in the power of the online business world to provide these things to people. I love seeing how this manifests for small business owners, their families, and the communities they serve. 

Online entrepreneurs are changing the meaning of business and I believe we can do so even more when we name and embody our values in our businesses.

Bookkeeping and money management are unavoidable aspects of business. I understand it’s often a stressful and difficult thing for people. But I believe with the right information, bookkeeping and money management can be simple, effective, and useful. 

I believe in the power of accurate financial data to make strategic and informed business decisions. And I believe every small business owner can and should have that information, without paying an exorbitant amount of money for it.

I also believe in equity, respect, and justice. I’m passionate about how culture shapes social and environmental justice. And yet, I see how white power and privilege, as well as other dominant culture identities, will reproduce itself in my life and business unless I’m actively engaging in anti-racism and anti-dominant culture initiatives. 

With this in mind, I’m working to be more mindful of where I spend my money, who I seek to collaborate with, and how I shape my policies and procedures. This work necessitates ongoing education, which I engage with through courses, books, and my graduate school studies. 

I seek to listen and be in action, to step back and step in, and to care for my fellow humans as I care for myself.

“Emily is so calm and organized and smart. I handed her my big mess and she said thank you. She thanked me 🤣. “

Erin Brannan
Erin Brannan

Photographer + Brand Strategist


“Working with Emily is absolutely amazing! She is so kind, patient and detail oriented that it’s been a totally amazing experience working with her.”

Dani Meyer

Food Blogger

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