Whether you realize it or not, your attitude towards money has been forming throughout your entire life. If you are the type of person who feels insecure about their finances—meaning you hesitate to spend, worry about paying bills, or overall just feel sick about money—it is time to adopt an abundance mindset.

Your relationship with money can change just by thinking about it differently. If you are currently struggling with how you think about money, follow these 6 steps towards an abundance mindset.  

6 Powerful Ways To Create An Abundance Mindset | Emily Volz Bookkeeper & CFO

What Is An Abundance Mindset?

The term abundance mindset became popular several decades ago. But often, it’s overlooked by those who suffer under the weight of financial burdens. 

If this resonates with you, you likely have a little problem called “scarcity mindset”—that thing in your brain that prevents you from breathing easily when you see dollar signs. 

What you want in order to feel at ease, even confident, around money is an abundance mindset. An abundance mindset allows you to see potential in your financial future and reframes how you view spending as a whole.

Why Is Building An Abundance Mindset So Important? 

Your mindset about money can be even more important than the dollar figure in your bank account when it comes to your financial well-being. A millionaire with a poor money mindset may be worse off than someone with typical finances who hasan abundance mindset. 

This is because people with an abundance mindset measure financial success and create financial goals in a different way than others with a poor money mindset. 

Those with an abundance mindset see their lives for what they have versus what they don’t have. They are also more likely to welcome new financial opportunities and reap the rewards!

How To Build An Abundance Mindset

So how do you flip the switch from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset? 

Building an abundance mindset takes a bit of hard work and determination. But we can get you there with these 6 simple strategies.

Focus On Your Thoughts

Calling awareness to how you think and speak to yourself about money is an important step in shifting your mindset

Right now, your deepest thoughts might be happening with little or no control. It seems like your ideas are triggered by outside circumstances. But in reality, you can adjust the way you think and take power away from the terrible things that sometimes happen to all of us.

For example, a person with a scarcity mindset might see that their morning coffee costs $5.50 and think, “I can’t even treat myself to a hot cup of coffee without guilt!” A person with an abundance mindset would see the same price and reason that spending a few dollars is worth it once in a while. Or, they’d set budget goals to get that special brew sometime in the future. 

Try To Spend Time With People Who Have An Abundance Mindset

Surrounding yourself with others in a similar financial bracket but a brighter perspective can certainly help in your journey towards an abundance mindset. 

If you’re surrounded by people who are constantly worried about paying their bills, unhappy at their jobs, and insecure about their finances, it’ll be hard for you to think positively. 

Look for the go-getters—folks who see financial obstacles and rise to the occasion! Chat more with people who are often signing up for extra shifts, or taking on new projects with a smile on their faces. Those are the friends to inspire an abundance mindset in you.

Strive To Consistently Practice Gratitude

Gratitude should be practiced more frequently than just every Thanksgiving holiday. Gratitude should ignite each time you wake up in the morning, earn a dollar, reach a goal, or make a purchase. 

Focus on the necessities of life! If you have air in your lungs, food, and drink, be glad for those treasures. Know that the extras in life will come and go, and give thanks for the things that are most important. 

Too often the default emotion that you feel when spending your money is guilt, no matter how hard you worked for the thing you are buying or how much you want or need it. While you shouldn’t throw all caution to the wind when spending, you should also practice appreciation for the things you can buy.

Realize That Opportunity Is Everywhere

Your days will look far more promising when you open your eyes to the opportunities that are all around you. 

Never limit yourself when seeking more money and more experiences for yourself. There is no harm in applying for a challenging position, even in a different field of work! Nor is there any shame in accepting a job that is easy for you—keep your eyes open for other opportunities as they come. 

An abundance mindset means that you approach financial security with openness and flexibility.

Educate Yourself About Your Finances

It’s so important to educate yourself about your finances. So many people who have a poor money mindset simply don’t understand their worth, where their money goes, or how to make more. 

Taking the time to ask questions will help you feel more secure about your money. You can speak with your dollar-savvy friends, bankers, or employers to find your initial footing. 

Also, consider doing some research on your own using the Internet or by browsing some books at the library. Financial knowledge will help you develop an abundance mindset.

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Use Language and Affirmations To Help You Build An Abundance Mindset

It’s time to take out a pen and draft some positive lingo for yourself. Reframe the stories you have told yourself over and over again about money. Then, share your revised, positive thoughts whenever money comes up in conversation. 

For instance, let the time when you didn’t have the money to pay for your last semester of college transform into the year when you started gaining valuable work experience. 

The way that you share your experiences with money coincides with how you think. Shedding a positive light on your financial journey helps to build your abundance mindset. 

Affirmations are another powerful strategy to help you change your mindset. These tidbits or phrases help you actively shift the way you think and feel about money. 

An abundance mindset is within your reach if you choose to work for it! A shift in thinking won’t solve all of your financial issues. But it will help you uncover new solutions in a positive, less burdensome way. 

6 Powerful Ways To Create An Abundance Mindset | Emily Volz Bookkeeper & CFO