Company Culture

Culture is an essential component of the human experience.

Each company has a culture.

And though it may not be apparent at first, culture and finance are inextricably linked.

In for-profit business, so much of our decision making is based on money. And every decision we make, whether we’re aware of it or not, molds our company’s culture.

Culture determines...

If we’re intentional with how we shape company culture, we’re more likely to create a business that truly embodies our values and achieves our goals.

How I Came To This Work

I have always been fascinated by culture. Throughout my 20's I was able to travel extensively in South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, the U.K., and throughout the U.S. During that time I came to appreciate the nuances of culture and it's importance to the human experience.

Over the years, I've combine my lived experiences with higher education. I draw on the work of countless scholars and activists who have developed theories and methodologies for understanding and shaping culture.

B.A. in Global Studies
from Long Island University Global College

M.A. in Community, Liberation, and Eco Psychologies
from Pacifica Graduate Institute (expected 2021)

My zone of excellence:

Envisioning creative and community oriented 
solutions to the pressing issues of our time

My superpowers:

The Process

  1. Let’s meet and get to know each other first on a free 30-minute Discovery Call. I’ll share more about what company culture means to me and I’d love to hear more about your business!
  2. If we choose to move forward, the next step will be a 90-minute Company Culture Intensive. During this intensive we’ll discuss:
    • Your current company culture
    • Your values, mission, and goals
    • What’s going well in your company culture? What strengths can we build upon?
    • Where are there opportunities for growth? What would you love your company culture to look like?
    • Top 3 goals for the coming year
    • Strategies and evaluation methods for meeting those goals
  3. After the intensive, I’ll create a report that clearly outlines the company’s strengths, opportunities for growth, top 3 goals, strategies for achieving those goals, and methods for evaluating success. It will include benchmarks for each quarter and a method for tracking progress.
  4. I will also create a proposal for my consulting going forward, based on the report. At this point, you can choose to implement the plan outlined in the report on your own or continue working with me. If you choose to continue working with me, I will oversee the implementation of the plan, carry out action-steps identified in the plan, and provide regular reporting on our progress.
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