Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With

"Since hiring Emily (and under the financial advisement of my accountant) – I have…

– All my monthly reports organized
– Know exactly what products are selling
– Have a handle on active and non-active members in recurring subscriptions
– Have someone to run payroll and deal with contractor and affiliate payouts
– Don’t have to worry about quarterly tax payments (she also sets aside funds to save so I’m never in a lurch)
– Don’t have to deal with any bills, credit card numbers, or disputes

If there were a bookkeeper I would recommend to a growing business – it would be her.”
Julie Stoian
Business + Marketing Expert
"I decided to hire Emily last week to take care of my books after finding out my last bookeeper hadn’t updated anything since July (or earlier in some cases).

Obviously this was so frustrating and stressful to find out, but Emily is so calm and organized and smart. I handed her my big mess and she said thank you. She thanked me 😂

I have 100% confidence she will get my ish together. Best decision ever!"
Erin Blackwell
Photographer + Brand Strategist
“Working with Emily is absolutely amazing! She is so kind, patient and detail oriented that it’s been a totally amazing experience working with her.

My bookkeeping had been being handled by a firm that didn’t allow me to see my Quickbooks information and with Emily I absolutely love that I can always hop into my account and get a great idea of where my company is at.

She is incredible, if you are thinking about working with her don’t hesitate!”
Dani Meyer
Expert Food Blogger
"In May I hit a revenue milestone in my business. In June I surpassed it with a 30% profit growth in a single month. A huge part of that was seeing my financial numbers and monthly reports from Emily. It's been so motivating and it's helping me to set and achieve my business revenue goals."
Jennifer Sobel
Bellydancer + Marketing Expert
“Emily Volz is amazing…and certified in Profit First for those interested in that approach to money management. She’s such a gem and I’ve been so grateful to work with her these past few years.

Emily is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and pretty much any good character quality you can imagine – that’s Emily 🤣

She always has your back and anyone can 100% trust that she will not only get the job done, but it will be done right.”
Jessie Valle
Digital Marketing Strategist
“Working with Emily brought me SUCH peace of mind.

She not only cleaned up the mess I had made in Quickbooks, but created systems and training to ensure I didn’t further that mess.

I ended up hiring her on retainer to keep working with me because I realized her magic and didn’t want to lose that in my business. I went on to sell my business and if it were not for the work she had done to keep my finances in order, I am confident that would not have happened.

Emily is confident in her expertise and knowledge, highly professional, and someone I can easily and confidently recommend to anyone without hesitation.”
Jennifer Grayeb
Data + Blog Expert
Stephanie Blake
Digital Marketing Expert

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