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I help small business founders have a positive impact in the lives of their team members, customers, and communities.

The research* shows customers and team members are becoming increasingly aware of the true culture of the businesses they engage with. Gone are the days of companies being able to loudly profess their values and quietly not follow through on them. Yet, there’s little, if any, support for small business founders who are already strapped for time and resources. It’s a lot of pressure to carry alone.

I help founders like you create cultures that are celebrated by the people they impact. Together we work to achieve the highest vision you have for your company in sustainable and efficient ways.

project types

Expand Impact

Grow Team Culture

Operationalize Values

Expand Impact

For many entrepreneurs, there is a drive to have a positive impact in the world. A project focused on expanding impact is all about finding creative ways to use your business as a force for good.

Project Objectives:
  • Identify 1-3 impact areas that are relevant to your business
  • Research impact areas and set impact goals
  • Choose action strategies (time, money, IP, platform) based on what will be most effective and achievable for your business
  • Set up methods for tracking progress over time

Grow Team Culture

Team culture is directly tied to a business’s ability to grow. A project focused on team culture growth provides a clear roadmap for setting up foundational systems and processes, and then optimizing them as the team grows. 

Projects Objectives:
  • Ensure the team’s foundational needs are met so they can do great work
  • Provide structure and clarity to the team on an ongoing basis so expectations are clear
  • Create a sense of belonging within the team so you can retain talented team members long-term
  • Clearly articulate the business’s impact so team members feel a sense of meaning and purpose in the work they’re doing each day

Operationalize Values

Values are the foundation of a genuine culture and impactful business. A project focused on operationalizing values turns abstract values into tangible cultural norms within a team. 

Project Objectives:
  • Define the big vision for the business
  • Identify three fully aligned values to accompany the big vision
  • Identify the key behaviors that support those values
  • Integrate the values and behaviors into company processes (job descriptions, performance reviews, policies, etc.)

Kind Words From Clients

Please Note

I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to fix all interpersonal, cultural, and organizational problems.
Interpersonal dynamics are complex and I’m only one part of the equation.

What I can guarantee is that I’ll save you time, money, and emotional bandwidth by providing shortcuts, listening to your needs, and guiding you to the solutions that are the best fit for your unique situation.

When I work on a project with a client I provide holistic support, meaning I bring all of my education, expertise, strategy, and skill sets to the table. With a masters degree in social and environmental psychology and 6+ years of experience working with industry-leading founders, I specialize in balancing company culture aspirations with the real demands of small businesses. The custom solutions I design are focused on increasing impact, expanding and retaining the customer base, and protecting profits through enhanced team member retention.

Book A Call To Get Started

If you’re interested in working together I have an introductory process to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

Note: Due to the time intensive nature of these projects I have very limited spots available. So if you’re interested in working together, please book a Discovery Call asap. The clients who schedule ahead are so much more prepared than those who try to squeeze something in at the last minute.