How To Close Your Books Without Stress At The End Of The Year


As you get ready to close your books at the end of the year, it’s time to get organized and learn everything you need to know to make the process stress-free! Closing your books is a key part of your bookkeeping…but if it’s new to you, it’s totally okay to be nervous.  Don’t worry—I’m here […]

How To Handle Basic Bookkeeping For Your Business On Your Own Like A Pro


As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate! The thought of handling your bookkeeping on top of everything else you have going on can be overwhelming. But with basic bookkeeping skills, you’ll be able to handle what you need to like a pro.  Of course, as you grow, and in certain situations, […]

7 Common Accounting Errors You Might Face As You DIY Your Bookkeeping

7 Common Accounting Errors You Might Face As You DIY Your Bookkeeping

When you DIY your accounting, you get to save money—but since we’re all human, errors happen! Knowing about common accounting errors helps you prepare for them and address them. That way, you won’t experience any huge issues at the end of the quarter or year when it comes to your business finances.  Even the most […]

4 Powerful Automated Bookkeeping Tips To Help Save You Time and Stress

Many people struggle with handling their bookkeeping. But did you know that the hardest part of bookkeeping – categorizing transactions – can be 90% automated? Automated bookkeeping saves you time and money, and it helps you create a more positive relationship with your money.  Surprisingly, there are lots of different areas that automated bookkeeping can […]